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Welcome to our web site!

Latimore Valley Farms, Inc. is a fourth generation family farm.  We pride ourselves in our quality and variety of our products.  We aim for an old time taste with family tradition.  We are a certified organic farm in Pennsylvania where we grow berries, fruit, vegetables and grain.  Our children are involved in the farm where they grow certain vegetables which the sales go to their education.  Our processed products carry the USDA organic label and UPC codes.  They are in recyclable glass containers that we encourage our customers to recycle.  We aim for a product that tastes better than other products on the shelf along with being healthier for you.

We are a certified organic family farm.  We produce vegetables, fruit, and grain.  The vegetables we produce are: green and yellow beans, peas, sweet corn, cauliflower, broccolli, cabbage, greens, red beets, potatoes, onions, sweet and irish potatoes and many others.  Our fruit includes: apples, raspberries; red, yellow, black and purple, apricots and strawberries.  Our grains include barley, wheat, soybeans and corn.    We also sell processed products such as apple and pumpkin butter, apple sauce, apple juice and pepper jellies.  These products are sold under the Latimore Valley Farms label so look us up in your local store.  If you can not find us we will sell direct to customers.  All of our products are kid tested and Grandma approved. 

Strawberries and raspberries available by the end of May.


Processed products available year round.
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You can e-mail us at:

10 Latimore Valley Road, York Springs, PA 17372 or call us at 717-528-7100.